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Its All About Balance

As we push ourselves through yet another lockdown here in Ireland, probably one of the positive takeaways from the whole situation is the fact that many of us are now looking at the whole life/work balance issue.

We have learned to appreciate the time with family, to enjoy the outdoors again and take pleasure in cooking, baking and other such pastimes that in our previously busy lives we had neither the time nor indeed the inclination for.

Somehow it is sad that it has taken a pandemic to bring us to the state of realisation that not only our lives, but those of friends and family, have indeed been out of balance and that this is a situation we need to redress going forward.

The Ancient Chinese, through the practice of Feng Shui understood that all things must be in balance to have wealth, health and happiness. The Chinese believe that everything in us and around us has energy or Qi and that we need to learn how to use the energy that surrounds us to promote harmony in our homes and places of work. If balance and harmony exist around us then we will also be in balance in our minds and bodies.

To achieve and maintain this balance we need to look at a few things in our lives, namely the environment in which we live and work, the food we eat, our lifestyles and our interaction with other members of our families and work colleagues.

I heard a comment the other day, that the practice of office meetings via Zoom calls has put the human face on work colleagues, whom we have seen working in bedrooms, at kitchen tables and even out in the garden, whilst sometimes dealing with the needs of the little people in their lives at the same time as dealing with their corporate bosses.

We seem to be living in a world that is becoming more and more out of balance with every passing day and 2020 has certainly highlighted that fact. It's time now that we concentrate on ourselves and our families and learn to live in peace and harmony with the planet.

We are all aware of the concept of Yin and Yang, this is the first concept of Feng Shui. Yin represents the passive, cold side of nature, whilst Yang represents movement and heat. They are opposites yet complement each other, nothing can be wholly Yin or wholly Yang. There can be no day without night, there can be no life without death. If Yin and Yang are not balanced in your environment there is an imbalance which may result in people experiencing fatigue, depression or lack of motivation.

From this Blog I will be bringing you Feng Shui tips and advice as to how you can make sure that the energy of your home or work place is supportive of the people who live and work there. I will show you small changes that can be made to bring about that energy balance we all require to lead fulfilling and happy lives.

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