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How Clutter Can Affect Your Life.. and what to do about it!

" I want to walk into my home and not feel stress and tension.

I want to walk in and feel glad to be home.

Instead of minding the junk and clutter, I want to simplify and mind the things that matter"

(Anara O'Connor)

With Lockdown we are all spending so much more time than usual in our homes so now is a perfect time to get rid of those items that are simply gathering dust and taking up space!

How Clutter Can Affect Your Life

Any home receives its energy through the front entrance, it is very important to make sure that this entrance is open and welcoming and free from clutter like coats and shoes. The first thing to do is to remove any objects that simply don’t belong in the entrance area. Then add a lovely rug or lamp to the area to welcome the energy into the home.

Clutter causes poor energy in the home as it is a low, stagnant and confusing energy which drains the occupants of the home.

When identifying the areas you wish to declutter do not forget the attic and the garage as these are significant areas of clutter and just because they are removed from view doesn’t mean they are not affecting your energy.

When you walk into a room you will always have a reaction to the energy in that room, be it happy, sad, peaceful, tense etc. Clutter is a huge obstacle to good Feng Shui , clearing the clutter in the various rooms of your home will lead to feelings of relaxation and productivity.

To lift the energy in the home you can open windows and doors, play some music and use aromatherapy diffusers. Plants are a great addition to the home as well as the use of colours and soft furnishings.

Tips for Clutter Clearing

  1. Start with one small area – for example your kitchen junk drawer. Get rid of everything you don’t use and organise the rest of the items. Set aside about 20 minutes to do this job.

  2. Take a black bag and do one sweep of the house, see how quickly you can fill that bag with things that are lying around – they can be items you want to throw away or give to charity.

  3. Get rid of things that you are not emotionally attached to, that unwanted Christmas gift, the weird wedding presents and all the Amazon boxes from 2020.

  4. As I mentioned a major part of our clutter is held in attics and garages – for these areas have 3 boxes with you. These are for items to throw away, items for the charity shop and items to keep. Remember only keep something if is going to be of use soon!

  5. In the bedroom – remove everything that doesn’t really belong there, for example, TV, stereo, computer, phone etc. Don’t forget to clear under the bed and then move on to cleaning out the wardrobes.

  6. The kitchen in Feng Shui represents the state of health of the home and its occupants. So start of by making sure the fridge , stove and oven are clean. Clean out drawers and tidy and clean surfaces. It is also an idea to replace cleaning products which contain chemicals with natural ones. Check through the cupboards for any food that is past its sell-by date and dispose of that as well.

Remember, small steps achieve more than trying to do a whole room in one go! A wise man once said....

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.

From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

( Albert Einstein)

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