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Home is where the Bagua Map is

Yesterday we spent our second Mother's Day in Level 5 lockdown here in Ireland, soon to be followed by St Paddy's Day and Easter, with no real certainty when we will all be able to socialise again.

Someone said to me recently that life at the moment is like sitting on a cornflake and waiting for the dawn to come!

We are all spending so much time at home, that the energy of our homes is beginning to affect how we look at life. It is becoming more necessary than ever to evaluate the energy fields in our environment. Home healing is a very important part of self care and now more than ever we need to be looking after ourselves.

The Feng Shui Bagua Map is a tool we use to evaluate the areas of the home where by making changes we can improve the quality of our health, wealth and relationships. By placing the Bagua Map over a plan of your home you can decide which areas of your life you want to work on at any given time. The Map comprises of 8 "Life Areas" and the Centre of the Map (Ba means eight and Gua means area).

The Bagua Map goes back many thousands of years to the ancient Chinese civilisations and the foundations of the Map are thought to be in the I-Ching or The Book of Changes. This book forms the basis of all Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Numerology, Maths and Philosophy. It is a complex form of mathematical processes which historically were used for decision making by the Chinese Emperors.

Each section of the Bagua Map has attributes attached to it, so an area of your home can be enhanced or activated by bringing in a colour, element or shape to that particular room. One of the easiest ways to adjust the energy of your space is by the use of colour.

If, for example, you wanted to improve and harmonise the relationship with your partner, then you would look for the Relationship sector on the Bagua Map, see where it is in your home and place the appropriate remedies to activate the sector. Colours for this area would be red and pink, pictures of couples, objects arranged in pairs and fresh flowers would all enhance this area.

Always remember that clearing clutter is the first thing to do before implementing any Feng Shui remedy or cure.

To find out more about the Bagua Map of your home and how you can improve the energy of the environment is which you live, join me for a FREE Zoom webinar on Thursday March 8th at 7.00pm. Tickets can be booked through my website.

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