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Feng What?

I have lost count of the number of times over the years when, telling a new acquaintance that I make my living as a Feng Shui Consultant, the response has been “Feng What”?

Many people have the belief that Feng Shui is not a “proper” business but is more a New Age, touchy/feely, airy fairy kinda thing.

Well guys I am here to tell you that Feng Shui dates back almost 6000 years, it is both a science and an art and contains elements of maths, physics, philosophy, astronomy and astrology.

The principles of Feng Shui are closely linked to those of Chinese Medicine and Chinese Astrology, all used by the Emperors in China for thousands of years.

The ancient Chinese believed that life should be lived in harmony with your environment and with the natural rhythms of nature. By harnessing the natural flow of energy in the universe they believed this balance would bring about health and happiness.

The main aim of Feng Shui is to ensure that the energy flows uninhibited in and around your home - thus achieving a balance between the negative and positive energies of the space. This brings us to the discussion around Yin and Yang. Everyone at some time will have seen the image below which is the pictorial representation of Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang can be used to describe everything in our environment both natural and man made. Yin and Yang are relative, complementary opposites, such as dark/light, male/female, summer/winter etc.

Nothing should be too Yin or too Yang and one cannot exist in balance without the other. The diagram shows Yang (white) with some Yin (black) within it, similarly the black section of the image (Yin) has some Yang in it, thus achieving perfect balance. Too much

Yin can be dark and oppressive, whilst too much Yang can result in hyperactivity and exhaustion.

If a home is too Yin (quiet, empty, lacking life) then we can add some noise (music, bells, animals etc) to bring it more into balance. Conversely a home that is too Yang (busy, lots of children, lots of movement, bright colours etc) will need the introduction of some calming colours, soothing music etc to bring it back into balance.

So, I guess I am telling you that Feng Shui is all about energy and how balancing that energy brings happiness and fulfilment to our lives. How do we know energy exists, I hear you ask, well its easy really. Imagine the wind blowing through the trees, you can hear it but you can't see it, thats energy in motion! We can all identify with having that one friend or relative who leaves you exhausted after you have spent time with them, thats because they are draining your energy!

This COVID virus is draining all of our energies - we feel depleted when we hear the daily numbers from NEPHET but uplifted when we hear news of a vaccine - Yin and Yang at work again!

Now, more than ever, as we are spending so much time in our homes, we need to make them an oasis of calm in the storm that surrounds us. We are redefining our relationship with our homes and need to ensure that they are supporting us with the correct type of energy.

Here are a few tips for some simple things you can do for a stress free environment:

1: Open windows as often as you can to bring fresh air in and deplete the stale energy of a room

2: Play relaxing music

3: Essential oil diffusers are great, use oils like lavender and sage

4: Use this opportunity to rid yourself of clutter, clean out a cupboard and throw away anything that is not used or worn regularly, clutter attracts negative energy

5: Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm so that you are able to sleep well. Remove all electronic and wireless devices as they bring negative energy into the room. Switch off the wi-fi at night and do not sleep with your mobile phone next to the bed to reduce your exposure to electro- magnetic waves from these devices.

Take a look around your home and make a list of the areas that seem out of balance to you, write down if you think they are Yin or Yang and then use an opposite type of energy (object, colour, sound etc) to bring balance back to that area.

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