Feng Shui in a Pandemic

Many people have asked me over the last few months if by using Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, the Pandemic could have been "predicted." In other words, should we have seen it coming? It is a fair question, as every year we see Astrologers both Western and Chinese talk about events that could occur in the year to come.

It is true that certain things that have been foreseen have indeed come to pass but not necessarily in the form that was written about.

I guess some might say it is easy to look back over the events of a year and explain that a certain prediction can take many forms and all is not necessarily crystal clear to any astrologer. So could we say that all the elements were there to predict that 2020 would have been the year of a Pandemic?

Certainly 2020 was seen to be going to be a year of upheaval with fires, floods and possible financial or economic changes. But, this could be any year, right? All of these things happen in one form or another in any year to a greater or lesser extent.

However, if we look back in Chinese Astrology terms over 2020 maybe the signs of the Pandemic were really there we just didn't see the form the challenges were going to manifest themselves in.

2020 was the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat, it was a Yang Metal year, the energy for the year was active, quick, high intensity, indicating a year of big changes with events that could re-shape the future.

The Rat is seen as an animal that moves quickly, is very active and which likes to exist in dirty, wet conditions. Historically, rats are known to carry disease as in the Great Plague of 1665.

2020 was the year of the Metal Rat and in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, Metal is associated with the lungs, so all the pieces of the jigsaw were there in plain sight.

It was also set to be a very unbalanced year as only two of the five elements of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology were present in the year, namely Metal and Water. The strength of the Water element was such that the Metal began to collapse as the year progressed giving more instability to the year overall. Usually Yang Metal collapsing could indicate a financial crisis and this certainly seemed a possibility as 2020 began.

In 2021 we have entered the Year of the Yin Metal Ox. As we have the Metal element still with us we know now that Covid will still be around for a while, but, the energy of the year is much slower and more stable than 2020, particularly as the Ox is a much more stable, slow moving animal. It is also an unbalanced year elementally so expect more changes and upheaval!