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MikRotik RouterOS 520 Key Level 6 [HOT]

Another key feature of the MikroTik CRS226-24G-2S+RM is its RouterOS level 5 license. That is one shy of the highest level 6 license which has most features licensed at an unlimited level. The CRS226-24G-2S+RM has a 400MHz processor and will run out of processing power well before it runs out of most features it is licensed for. Here are the license levels from the MikroTik wiki.

MikRotik RouterOS 520 Key Level 6

Download File:

What is the big deal about RouterOS and a level 5 license on a switch? RouterOS has a strong web GUI for example that has a plethora of configuration options. As one can see, the level of features available through the web interface is closer to that of pfSense rather than a basic HP Procurve, Dell PowerConnect and etc systems. For example, if one wants to run a DHCP server from the switch, that is easy to do.

Except for a typo somewhere (since you replaced the actual values it's hard to tell), or that the peer uses a different identity type (you can see more details on this if you increase the log level for cfg to 3) there should be no reason for this to fail.


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