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Eight Hidden MacOS Features You Can Access With The Option Key MacOSX !FREE!

Face recognition and scene and object detection are done completely on your device rather than in the cloud. This allows Apple to provide you with these advanced features without accessing your photos. And apps can access your photos only with your permission.

Eight Hidden macOS Features You Can Access With the Option Key MacOSX

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The Memories and Sharing Suggestions features in the Photos app use on-device intelligence to analyze your photos and organize them by faces, places, and more to help you find them easily. Because this all happens on your device, Apple can provide you with these advanced features without accessing your photos.

Subscribers who already own MLB Audio or MLB.TV, or have connected an in-app iTunes purchase of MLB Audio or MLB.TV to their MLB account, can access subscription features by entering their MLB email and password in the MLB app. If they've already logged-in to their MLB account using either the MLB app, Ballpark app, or Safari on their iPhone (regardless of if the apps are currently installed), their credentials will automatically appear, and they can simply tap on "Continue with MLB" to login. If you haven't logged into your MLB account using the MLB app, Ballpark app, or Safari on your iPhone before, please follow these steps:

Optional software is installed using the features option within your Homestead.yaml file. Most features can be enabled or disabled with a boolean value, while some features allow multiple configuration options:

Twitter Blue is an opt-in, paid subscription that adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select features, like Edit Tweet. Subscribe now with localized pricing starting at $8/month or $84/year in available countries to get the blue checkmark in addition to early access to features.*

Twitter Blue subscribers receive dedicated support for subscription-specific issues, only. That could look like help with managing a Twitter Blue subscription, how to access your Twitter Blue account or settings, and Twitter Blue enrollment issues. Other issues could include troubleshooting special features only available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

In the past, activating the hidden network WiFi option used to be a popular security mechanism, but it has since fallen out of favor because there are many easy-to-use tools that make it extremely straightforward to find hidden networks and see detailed information about them. One such tool is NetSpot, and we explain how to find hidden networks with it later in this article.

Even people with the smallest hands can find the compact keyboards of phone screens a little hassle-prone, and scanning through large chunks of text to find the exact spot you want to change used to be a fiddly task. To help with this, your iPhone features a hidden trackpad, which can be used to scan easily and precisely across your screen.

  • Due to several dialog / alert bugs, you won't see the confirmation dialog("are you sure you want to do this?") or the alert open cancellation. ("messagecancelled."). For now, On Windows and UNIX, look for these messages inthe console window.Address BookThe Personal Address Book is displayed in the left pane. LDAP and additionaladdress books are not working yet.Additional Mail FunctionalityThe multiple POP accounts feature is available for you to try out. To set upmultiple POP accounts, open the mail application and use the Account wizard. You will need to have identity and server information for the second account. You can use the Address Book window and the Select Address dialog. ThePersonal Address Book is working for adding cards, editing cards, and deletingcards. LDAP and additional address books are not working yet. The datais stored in a file called "abook.mab". Your Address Book information is usedto auto-complete names entered into the mail compose window.

  • Available Editor FunctionalityFunctionalityDescriptionMaximize/Minimize BoxCollapase/Expand/Zoom box (Mac)All function.Apply/Remove bold, italic, underlineApplies style, doesn't remove.Apply/Remove ListingFunctions.Indent/OutdentFunctions.Apply font, font size, font colorAll function.Insert LinkOpens the Insert Link dialogInsert ImageOpens the Insert Image dialog.Insert AnchorFunctions.Insert horizontal lineFunctions.Spell CheckOpens the Spell Check dialog on Windows; does not function on Mac OSand Linux. (bug 6864)Up/Down arrowsFunction.Left/Right arrowsWorks correctly.File menuNew, Open, Save, Save As, and Quit work correctly. PrintSetup, PrintPreview, and Print are not functional. (bugs 11767 and 10664)Edit menuUndo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, and Find work do not work within the browser. You can, however, cut, copy, and paste within text fields by using keyboard shortcuts.Clear and Find Again are not functional.View menuHide Composition Toolbar and Hide Format Toolbar are not functional.(bug 11770)Insert menuLink, Image, Horizontal Line, Table, HTMLTag, Line Break, and Break Below Images work correctly. Target is not functional. (bug 11771)Format menuFont options, size, style, and color work correctly. Paragraph optionswork correctly.Tools menuSpell Check option opens the Spell Check dialog on Windows; does notfunction on Mac OS and Linux. (bug 6864)Available Gecko FunctionalityFunctionalityDescriptionCommentsHTML 4.0Done except bugs.Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 (CSS1)Features 98% done; bug-fixing remains.Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (CSS2)Positioning, tables, selectors done.No support is committed for final release, but some features are alreadyworking and will likely be enabled.Document Object Model (DOM) Level 0Done.Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 HTML90% done.Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2JavaScript event model 80% done.Extensible Markup Language (XML)James Clark expat parser in; documents parse.Simple XLink and HTML Namespaces done.XML + CSS1Working.Known IssuesGeneral Browser IssuesIf you experience a crash on start up after migrating your profile, try deleting your bookmarks.html file in your users50 directory. The application may have problems reading some 4.x bookmarks files.(bug 18384)

  • Clicking the Back or Forward buttons while pages are loading may cause the browser to quit.(bug 17932)

  • A crash may occur if you print from Mozilla and then reload the page.(bug 12023)

  • (Linux only) In 256 colors, loading the test10.html document in Mozillawill cause a crash. (bug 11090)

  • Loading problems (possible crash or freeze) sometimes occur on pages thatcontain applets.

  • The page and its secondary sites may not load correctly.

  • Clicking the Back button from a named anchor will not work unless you click twice. The reference page will be skipped. (bug 15441)

  • The Back button menu does not always list previously visited URLs. (bug 17430)

  • Gfx Scroll bar problems: You may experience problems with autoscrolling, text fields, and text the exceeds control width. (bugs 13407, 17989, and 18353)

  • You can't connect to secure sites (URLs beginning with "https://") in the M11 release.

  • FTP is not fully functional in M11. (bug 10737)

  • The Stop button fails intermittently

  • Print (toolbar button & menu item) and Print Preview fail intermittently

  • Keyboard shortcuts/command keys are not available for most menu items withthe exception of the following for the mail compose and editor window:Ctrl-C (copy), Ctrl-V (paste), Ctrl-Z (undo). and Ctrl-Y(redo) and theirMac OS equivalents. The old Unix equivalents (using Alt- instead of Ctrl-)don't work; use Ctrl- .

  • Within Viewer, many options within the Debug & Tools menu items arenot currently working or produce unpredictable results.

  • Windows only:

  • Links on pages that use CSS do not work.

  • If you have a second video display monitor connected to your computer,links displayed on that monitor will not work.

  • Selecting the Print option causes crashes.

  • Solaris only:

  • The Copy command in the browser's Edit menu is not working. (bug 6253)

  • Mac OS and Linux only:

  • Selecting within menus and dialog boxes doesn't always work. If you can't select using the mouse, use the arrow keys instead. (bugs 14131 and 15476)

  • Issues with Bookmarks and HistoryIncorrect bookmark behavior can be related to profile problems.See Issues With Profiles.

  • Drag and drop is not yet implemented, but you can use cut, copy, and paste to manipulate your bookmarks.

  • Sidebar IssuesTo hide the Sidebar, select Sidebar from the View menu. Hiding the Sidebarworks only for the ucrrent window -- new windows will open with the Sidebar showing. (bug 16516)

  • Issues With ProfilesIMPORTANT: All the information regarding profiles is stored in the registryfile. The registry file gets created even if you have used earlier versionsof Mozilla (Apprunner). When you check out a new build, make sure you delete or renamethe following items before you install, build, and run the new executable:

  • Windows mozregistry.dat ( c:\winnt or c:\windows or equivalent),

  • Mac OS Mozilla Registry (System Folder:Preferences),

  • Linux registry (/.mozilla/)

  • You open Profile Manager withthe command line argument : -ProfileManager. The Profile Manager user interfaceappears, supporting creating a new profile, and deleting and renaming existingprofiles. When you finish any of the tasks you can click Exit to quit theProfile Manager. You can click a Start Communicator button to start Mozillawith a selected profile. Also, users can migrate 4.5 Communicator profiles(Windows only, for now).

  • Various command line options to create and manage profiles are:

  • # mozilla -P Runs Mozilla with the .# mozilla -CreateProfile " "Creates a profile (i.e., ) and creates a directoryat the specified location i.e., and launches Mozilla.# mozilla -CreateProfile Creates a profile and creates a profile directory under defaultprofile location.# mozilla -ProfileWizardLaunches the Create Profile Wizard to create a new profile.The Create Profile Wizard lets users create a new profile at the defaultlocation or the location of their choice. At the end of the process a profileis created and marked as the current profile, and Mozilla is launchedwith that profile. The wizard is currently just two screens. Mail and Newsrelated preferences/information will be collected by a different application.# mozilla -ProfileManagerBrings up Profile Manager for managing profiles. Users canselect a profile and click on the Start Communicator button to launch Mozillawith the chosen profile. The current profile (usually the last used profile)appears preselected.# mozillaSeveral scenarios: number of profiles = 0 --> Brings up Create Profile Wizard number of profiles = 1 --> Launches Mozilla directlywith that profile number of profiles > 1 --> Brings up Profile ManagerDefault profile locations for profile directories are \Users50, on Windows :Documents:Mozilla:Users50:on Mac OS, and /.mozilla on Linux.Profile Manager (Windows and Linux only): The Rename and Delete buttons are not working properly.

  • Profile Migration (on Windows only): 4.5 profiles now can be migrated to5.0. In the process of migration, 4.5 profile information is undisturbed.In 5.0 the new location for the migrated profiles is the default locationas mentioned in the above paragraph. Migration is functional on Windowsonly, but will soon be extended to the Mac OS. (A date for Linux availabilityis currently unknown.)

To migrate 4.5 profiles, run Mozilla with the command line option-installer.The profile to be migrated is listed as - migratein the Profile Manager's list box. Users can select a profile to be migratedand click on the Migrate button. If the migration is done successfully,the suffix ' - migrate' disappears in the display, marking that profileas a 5.0 profile. Currently, only the prefs.js file and mail and news foldersare copied in the migration process. Users cannot rename or start Communicatorwith a profile that must be migrated. With the changes that went in atthe end of M7, it is required to create a 5.0 profile before using themigration service. This will be fixed in M8 (so that there is no dependencyon having a 5.0 profile).


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