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In an effort to broaden our opportunities to communicate to parents, students, & the community we now have an official Facebook page for Northwood-Kensett Community Schools. Please "like" and "share" to help get the word out. When you "like" the page be sure the click "get notifications" so you will be notified every time we post for the latest information.

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We currently have over 1,100 "Likes" & follows on Facebook. We would like to encourage students, parents, and alumni to like the page to get updates on what's going on here at N-K. We post items from Kindergarten on up through twelfth grade. Included in the posts are pictures from special events, website articles, media coverage from school events, announcements and updates, as well as getting the word out on newly posted events.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only mediums, however. Pinterest and Instagram are like Twitter regarding the accepted frequency of use. You can post as often as you like, and almost any company can use it effectively. You will find chefs who post pictures of their entrees; bodybuilders who post pictures of the results of their hard work, like our client, Foundational Fitness; car dealers who want to show off their latest models, the list can go on and on, as can the benefits.

The potential audience Facebook offers is massive. Even if the number of total users shrunk for the first time in early 2022, getting Facebook likes still promotes your content to some 2.11 billion accounts.

Social monitoring is when you use data related to your brand from social media to gain business insights. Platforms like Hootsuite offer powerful tools to analyze the data your social media presence generates. When you fill up your Facebook presence with noise like fake likes, you make it harder to find out what real people want.

Increasing engagement means getting more likes from the people who see them. When you make content that your audience wants to see, you get likes more efficiently than if you hit Post on the first thing that comes into your head.

Good social media fundamentals mean following a social media marketing plan that aligns with your business objectives. After all, successful content marketers are six times more likely to have a documented strategy in place.

To make content that your audience will engage with, you have to spend some time finding out what they like. Making decisions based on data from your specific context will help you make posts that get more likes.

Facebook Reels are the fastest-growing format on the platform, and Facebook promotes them pretty much everywhere. Take advantage of the rise of Reels to get more likes from your short-form video content.

Hi, all.I am using Blog Bank WordPress theme which has nicely built Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn buttons but I cannot seem to make them work as intended (refer to my respective social sites). I would like to know if there is a way to do it.Thank you for the continual great work you are doing for us, beginners.

Have set up a personal web site (not for profit) rather then a blog using WordPress. Very impressed that I was able to do it with my very limited web knowledge. Would like to add a Facebook like button but your instructions do not work for my home page?Thanks Len

I was wondering if you could tell me how to customize the image and description that shows on Facebook when you like the site or possibly point me to a article that discusses this, I am having the hardest time trying to figure that part out. Thanks!

Hi, I posted the code on my site and it worked. However, the friend icon is not staying. When i refresh the page, the friend icon disappears. I want all of the friend that clicked the like button to remain so I would know who clicked the like button. I need their names for the prize drawing. Can you help? Here is my code:

@jenniferdoser Ok first, you need to follow the XFBML way if you want insights, and the dropdown message box on the like buttons.Then follow this tutorial: -tutorials/how-to-get-facebook-insights-for-your-wordpress-site/

Americans ages 65 and older are the least likely age group to use Facebook, with half saying they do so. But that still represents a 30 percentage point increase since August 2012, when just 20% reported using it.

Among adults who get news from Facebook, women are much more likely to do so than men (63% vs. 35%), as are White Americans (60%) when compared with those who are Hispanic (18%), Black (13%) or Asian (5%).

To set the width of your like button, simply put the number of pixels wide you would prefer the like button to be.You are able to adjust the layout, the size, and the action type ("Like" or "Recommend") of your button. You can include a share button and profile pictures of friends who already like the page.

Do you want to know how to do a like and share contest on Facebook? Like and share giveaways are an excellent way to boost likes and fan engagement on your page. And with the right tools, they can drive tons of traffic and leads to your business website.

With your landing page setup, you need to post your like and share contest on Facebook. This step is super-easy. All you need to do is create a new Facebook post and paste the URL for your giveaway landing page with instructions for people to click the link to enter.

Add Facebook Like buttons to your site to help visitors share your content in their Facebook friends' News Feeds. This guide demonstrates how to add custom like buttons to pages and blog posts using code blocks.

You can modify your custom code to display a unique Facebook Like button below each of your blog posts. When visitors click this like button, they will like the specific blog post, rather than your site as a whole.

L.L Bean is an outdoor equipment store whose Facebook Page effectively focuses on the customer and engages visitors beyond inviting them to like the posts. The content it posts is highly relevant for its target audience: cool photos, videos, and tips for outdoor adventures, each with a link and a hashtag. The Page also includes tabs dedicated to events, open job opportunities, and stores.

Beyond that, Starbucks uses its Page to showcase rich visual content, run contests for seasonal products, highlight job openings, and interact with followers. It takes a fairly minimalist approach and uses short captions, like it does in the post below:

QR Codes are one of the top solutions for seamlessly connecting print marketing to digital platforms. If you add your Facebook QR Code to print materials, users no longer need to search for your links later (and likely not come back), they can simply scan your QR Code and all the relevant links are right at their fingertips.

Retailers like Elle Boutique wanted to use their store locations and product packaging to increase their Facebook followers. They added a Facebook QR Code to table tents at checkout, in the dressing room, and even on clothing tags so they could maximize the chance for their customers to follow them.

A Facebook QR Code has a unique and highly useful addition: The option to display page likes. For social media, in general, the more likes a page has, the more likely it is to get more. So, you can use this fact to your advantage and turn on your page like count so everyone who scans your QR Code can see it and like your page without even having to visit it directly.

If you like our blog or our WordPress themes, then we would love you to become a fan on our Elmastudio Facebook page, too! We are happy to have 4968 proud fans already and we are giving away 5 of our Premium WordPress theme as a little Thank You as soon as we reach 5000 Facebook fans. It would be wonderful, if you would like help us reach this number very soon!

Thanks to everyone, we are having 5000+ Facebook fans by now! So to take part in the Premium theme giveaway just head over to the Elmastudio Facebook page and comment or like the giveaway post directly over there! Thanks a lot for all your support! Ellen & Manuel

This data highlights how the platform earns repeat attention from users, beating out the likes of Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Perhaps a shock to critics, the concept of frantically checking Facebook throughout the day is alive and well.

Chandlee, who spent 12 years at Facebook before joining TikTok in 2019, said his former employer will likely run into trouble if it tries to copy TikTok, and will end up offering an inferior experience to users and brands.

Facebook app chief Tom Alison told The Verge this week he sees TikTok increasingly stealing share from the world's largest social network. Facebook plans to modify its primary feed to look more like TikTok by recommending more content regardless of whether it's shared by friends.

We use social media to react to breaking news, update supporters and share information - just like you do with your friends and followers. But our social media channels are about more than just sharing what we are up to - you can also share your own pictures and stories with us. We love to read about fundraising events and seeing snaps of our supporters.

Our main Facebook page has grown into a thriving community; many of those who have liked us have been directly affected by meningitis themselves and have shared their stories with us. It's a powerful platform for raising awareness of meningitis, the support that we offer and the amazing ways in which people support us too.

The notion of hiring for culture fit was established as a foundation of many corporate recruiting processes. The term was embedded in career sites, integrated into interview processes, and touted as a competitive advantage for many organizations in the tech community. Over the years, the term has taken on more of a tribal meaning. People who think like us. People who work like us. People who live like us. Please who look like us.

Their diversity report also illustrates their short, medium, and long-term plans to deliver a more inclusive workforce. These actions include the unconscious bias training detailed above, focused diversity sourcing efforts in recruiting, student programs (Facebook University, support, Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) Lean In Circles), and initiatives like TechPrep that introduces programming to pre-high school age students. 350c69d7ab


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