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Asher Evans
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The Monday morning hungover 'expert' who is not paying attention and slips off the ramp or drives straight into the skip without thinking, is a condition that needs some assessment. The loading ramp will add 25% to the basic buying price too. - Google Drive

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The standard model (lo-tip) is very good for tipping from ramps. We had two serrated walkways )which came out of the demolished Crosby Doors factory in Farnham) which we modified with hooks that would grip over the skip rim. Driving up was doubly easy with the grip and if the operator got nervous he only had to let go of the two drive/steer handles and the machine would stop dead.

I bought a MUcktruck 4 years ago. Looked a good idea. The Honda engine is a bitch. If petro left on will fill the cylinder with petrol and hydraulically lock the engine. Plug out and drain !. Never runs sweetly. Brigg and Stratton engine much better. Belts expensiv fiddle to fit and adjust and do not survive hard work. The 4 wheel drive system is a joke. Wet tyres and mud cancel out the back wheel drive via the donkey wheel. Replace engine with a Brigs and Strat, redesign drive with chain or toothed belt drive to rear wheel or simply double up the drives with two matched transmissions. Wider tyres would be an improvement. The idea is good the implementation is not.

We are supply of Power Barrow in China. I do agree with Mr Alan said. Chain drive is better than the Muck Truck. 4WD by muck truck is a joke when muddy and wet. So only chain drive one is the right full time 4WD. Please visit our web to see our power barrow.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: This boot can be stiff, and it is hard to drive in. I often see people walking around with the laces undone on their driving foot. Even so, when compared with other options, the Caribou worked better.

Will sinking into this muck renew me?On the drive home, passing a shallow [End Page 67] wetland between abandoned factories,I see a flash of white: two egrets gingerlywading, stepping, spreading their wingsin the risen light over a brood of hatchedfledglings, as new as aging is to me. 041b061a72


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