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How To [PORTABLE] Download Candy Crush Without Facebook

Candy Crush is a game that saves things in 2 ways. In one way, things are saved with your Facebook account. In this case, you save all your progress and the extra lives, moves, and boosters. If you have connected your game with your Facebook account, you can easily transfer candy crush to your new smartphone or tablet. In the second way, the data is saved on your device.

how to download candy crush without facebook

Spending hours to clear a level and then to lose all your progress because switching to a new device is heartbreaking. So, knowing the right way to transfer candy crush to some other device is extremely important. Here we discussed the top 2 most efficient ways to try and get all your progress on the new device.

Many game developers have created partnerships with Facebook to offer a wide array of games to Facebook account holders. Some developers have created game apps without Facebook in mind, but use Facebook to showcase their products. Other game developers have designed games specifically with Facebook users in mind. You can find many of the games available on Facebook available on other websites. In addition, many of the games are available as downloadable mobile phone apps.

However, just because your game is engaging does not mean that it will make it into the hands of millions of people without some work. Rather than going straight to the English-speaking app markets, Angry Birds first went to smaller non-English speaking markets, such as Finland and Denmark. They became number 1 in these markets with around 40 000 downloads. Eventually the rest of the world heard about it and started to download Angry Birds until it became the most popular app and mobile game ever.


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