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Miss March Lesbian Scene

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Miss March Lesbian Scene

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(The alt-sex scene is different, but I think that gays and lesbians are experiencing similar issues. When it comes to trans-, queer- and gender-identity, I think that sex and relationships are going to be complicated by social norms and psychological wandering. Feel free to comment.)

Living the Life in DubuqueA few years ago, the gay community in Dubuque, Iowa, wasso small that it couldn't support its own bar. Homosexuals hungout in one half of the Carnival Lounge, while on the other side ofthe rectangular bar a handful of prostitutes worked the straightcrowd. Today Dubuque's gay scene has expanded-somewhat.A placid Main Street tavern called The Brewing Company closeseach day at 6 p.m. and reopens two hours later as D.J.'s Bistro,Dubuque's one gay bar. But for most of the couple of hundredcity residents who patronize the Bistro, the bar is still somethingof a closet. At night its front door is locked and shuttered, andonly the regular gay clientele know to enter through an un-marked door off the grimy back alley. "People here are judgmen-tal," says Cindy Chapman, 28, a lesbian who left San Franciscofor the Midwest to find more demand for her carpentry skills."They don't want to hear about it."Dubuque, a pretty Mississippi River Back door at the Bistcity of 62,000, is often compared withSan Francisco because of its steep hillsand Victorian mansions-but there allsimilarities end. Dubuque is conserva-tive and Roman Catholic, and homosex-uality is but one sin on a long list of sexualand moral taboos. The Bistro, for many t.gays, is a refuge from community disap-proval. "I end up being part priest andpart counselor," says Dave Wetter, its .proprietor, who regularly gets calls fromtormented young men trying to face upto their homosexuality. "It's usuallya ,.young man who's frightened half to =death. 'I think I'm a homosexual,' he'll !say. 'Help me. Where do I turn?"'Discoveries: Most wind up turning to Ithe Bistro and nowhere else; they areloath to extend their coming out to fam-ily, friends and fellow workers. "Itwould be tough on my :parents, ex-0 Aplains a gaysocial worker. "In a cori- 1 -innity this size, everybody would -kniow..'ne middle-aged Bistroreuadiscov-ered- that his son was gay only . .after 'other patrons:aloertedF him that the -young -man,: hadbegun::frequenting the: bar. The father stopped going so that


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