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[S5E3] Feeling Myself UPD

Spencer notices that Grace (Karimah Westbrook) is doing a lot of wedding things solo, so he comes up with a solution to make her feel special. Asher (Cody Christian) gets an opportunity to take the next step in his career by going on a recruiting trip. Meanwhile, Coop (Bre-Z) gets too involved in a case at work, leading Laura (Monet Mazur) to step in. Geoff Shotz directed the episode written by Robert D. Doty (#503). Original airdate 10/24/2022. s05e03 503 5.03 s5e3

[S5E3] Feeling Myself

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Salome has Bill brought down to the Authority's basement. As they walk, Salome asks Bill if he knows who she is. Bill reveals what little details he knows, but Salome warns him not to believe everything in the Bible. Salome revealed that the Bible made her a convenient villain and a symbol for the dangers of female sexuality, but in actuality she was merely a girl with a troubled family. Bill then asked if she actually did ask for a man's head on a silver platter, and she said it was only politics. She further revealed that John the Baptist denounced her mother's re-marriage to her uncle, the King. Wanting him silenced, she took advantage of her new husband's fondness for teenage virgins and traded Salome's body for revenge. Bill then asked about the dance of the Seven Veils, and Salome said she was wrapped in sheer scarves when she was delivered to her uncle's bed where the supposed 'dance' began. Salome then reveals that she has been following Bill's upsurge for centuries and admires that he continues following his heart, something that vampires rarely do. Salome reveals that she wants to help him. When Bill asks why, Salome admits that something about Bill moves her, and that after two thousand years, she has learned to trust that feeling. When she asks Bill if she can trust him, Bill asks how he can prove it when she already has his life in her hands. She said perhaps by letting him take her life with his. Bill then pins her against the wall and has sex with her.

Jessica Hamby: "I'm sorry, is there something wrong?"Jason Stackhouse: "You know what? Yeah. I ain't some mechanical bull you can come and ride on whenever you feel like."Jessica Hamby: "What the hell happened to you today?"Jason Stackhouse: "Let's see... uh, well, I realized I got this big, fucking hole inside of me that I've been filling with sex and 'cause that's what I got taught to do. 'Cause I was too fucking young and it felt too fucking good and it made it all go away! But it ain't working no more... and I don't know how to deal with what I'm feeling."

By the way, I love your slightly revised review format, with its excellent Densi, Hetty/Deeks, and Classic Deeks subsections. It reminds me of something Dave Kalstein talked about at the meet-up, that the plot for him is secondary to the characters and their conversations and evolving relationships. I find myself becoming less and less interested in the plot-of-the-week. All the Deeks-centered developments are what keep me coming back. 041b061a72


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