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Tamil Dubbed 1080p Movies Kill The Rapist

One day, Vasuki is raped by her two neighbors, Aryan and Sudeep, who are engineering students (who were like her own brothers), and Pachai, a man who irons clothes at her building. Vasuki goes into shock after the rape. She does not confide in anyone and becomes withdrawn. Her demeanour changes as she becomes irritable and lax in her household work. She even contemplates suicide, but better sense prevails when she realizes that it is her rapists who should die and not her. After a Kathakali performance, she is complimented by Jeena Bhai, the new police commissioner. Vasuki finds Jeena's phone number from Louis's mobile and calls her and narrates her ordeal. Jeena's telephonic assistance helps her kills her rapists one by one. After the deed is done, Jeena tells Vasuki that their brief friendship over the phone was over and Vasuki should never contact her again.

Tamil Dubbed 1080p Movies Kill The Rapist


Tonya's father, Carl Lee Hailey, contacts Jake Brigance, a white lawyer who previously defended his brother Lester. Brigance admits the possibility that the rapists will walk free. Carl Lee goes to the county courthouse and opens fire with an automatic rifle, killing both rapists and unintentionally wounding Deputy Dwayne Looney, whose leg is later amputated. Carl Lee is arrested and Brigance agrees to defend him.


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