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Nosrat English Learning: A Popular and Effective Method to Learn English in 90 Days

Nosrat English Learning: A Popular and Effective Method to Learn English in 90 Days

Nosrat English Learning is one of the most famous and popular English learning courses in Iran. This course helps learners to improve their speaking skills and learn useful words and sentences in English. The course consists of 90 audio lessons that learners only need to listen to and repeat after the speaker. The course covers various topics and situations that are common in everyday life, such as shopping, weather, bank, post office, phone, internet, health care, pharmacy, emergency situations and more. The course also teaches learners how to pronounce words correctly and learn grammar rules automatically.

Nosrat English Learning Download Free

The main feature of Nosrat English Learning is that it uses repetition and practice to help learners memorize words and sentences. The course also does not have any age limit and anyone can benefit from it. Many learners have reported positive results and satisfaction from using this course. However, the course is not free and learners need to buy it from the official seller or website. In this article, we will introduce the course briefly and provide some links for more information and download.

How to Use Nosrat English Learning

The course is very easy to use and does not require any special equipment or software. Learners only need to download the audio files and listen to them on their computer or mobile device. Each lesson lasts about 15 minutes and learners should listen to one lesson per day. The course is designed to teach English in 90 days, but learners can adjust their pace according to their needs and goals.

The course starts with a conversation between two speakers, then explains each word and sentence in detail. The speaker asks learners to repeat after him or her and practice saying the words and sentences correctly. The course also reviews the previous lessons periodically to help learners recall what they have learned. The course uses a simple and clear language that is easy to understand for beginners.

Where to Find Nosrat English Learning

Nosrat English Learning is a popular and widely used course in Iran, but it is not available for free download on the internet. Learners need to buy the course from the official seller or website to support the creator and respect his rights. The course costs about 200,000 Iranian rials (about 5 US dollars) and can be ordered online or by phone. The course also comes with a booklet that contains the text of the lessons.

However, some websites claim to offer free download links for Nosrat English Learning, but these links may be fake, illegal or harmful for your device. We do not recommend using these links as they may violate the copyright laws or contain viruses or malware. If you want to learn more about Nosrat English Learning or find legitimate sources for buying or downloading it, you can visit some of the following websites:

  • This website provides a comprehensive introduction and review of Nosrat English Learning in Persian. It also provides some sample lessons and contact information for ordering the course.[^1^]

  • This website provides some information and tips on how to use Nosrat English Learning effectively. It also provides some download links for the first five lessons of the course, but these links may not work properly.[^2^]

  • This website provides an archive of various digital materials, including audio files. It claims to have a complete collection of Nosrat English Learning files, but there is no preview or download option available for them.[^3^]

  • This website provides a platform for organizing and managing projects. It has a card that contains a title and a short description of Nosrat English Learning, but no further information or links.[^4^]


Nosrat English Learning is a popular and effective method to learn English in 90 days by listening and repeating audio lessons. The course covers various topics and situations that are useful e0e6b7cb5c


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