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Just as I was about to post this on the web, the Patriots signed free agent OL Bob Hallen, which doesn't necessarily mean they are done addressing the position, but he adds that veteran backup experience the Patriots lacked. So if you're expecting a blockbuster move, sorry. He plays both guard spots and center so he would seem to be decent insurance in the interior of the line. The questions were all over the board this week, so have fun.

I am a high school football coach near Cleveland. When Belichick coached here, I had a chance to meet him. I have been a fan ever since and have followed his career. For a while, I was probably the only one in Cleveland that liked him. Anyway a question was asked about whether the Patriots run a west coast offense or not and I wanted to give my opinion. So take it for what it is worth. In reality, to tell the difference between offenses you have to look at the blocking schemes and not the pass routes. A west coast offense involves tackles blocking down, guards and/or centers pulling and either kicking out defensive ends or wrapping to linebackers. What the Patriots do is something called zone blocking. Here, the linemen simply step playside and block the first guy that shows whether it is a D-lineman or a linebacker. Certainly this is an oversimplification. The thing with pass routes is when you send five guys out in patterns, the field is only so big so there are only so many places the receivers can go to so as not to have two receivers in the same area. Naturally, there will be common routes involved from offense to offense. To really see the difference, watch the Jets running plays. They are true west coast style. Then watch the Patriots run plays. You will see the difference between zone blocking and west coast power blocking. Tim Mainello Painesville, Ohio

(1) I read on a fantasy football site that P.K. Sam showed awful cardio, and was out of breath during the warm-ups. Should they hang a box of donuts over the treadmill or did that only work for Antowain Smith? But seriously, is this a real worry or something that was reported with a tad of hyperbole?(2) Also is Dan Klecko going to really stay at LB or is it too early to tell? Who might he replace in the middle if that happens? Thanks for making us read it on another site!(3) Since rookie WRs seldom make a huge impact, is it possible that Bethel Johnson could take a lead role in this office across from Deion Branch? Those kick returns were nothing but speed, he just plain outran the Colts. Talk about "showing a flash". I love Troy Brown, but can he fend off these young speedsters forever?(4) If a player takes a contract elsewhere after years of service, can his jersey still be retired where he played the most even if he doesn't return? For example, if we release or someday lose Willy McG, Tedy Bruschi, or Troy Brown, to another team does that mean the Patriots would not retire their jersey? All three seem like leading candidates and have provided years of emotional memories for us fans.

My buddy Bobby just moved to Lynn. You know him? You know, Bobby Six? Forget it. Klecko could be moved, but don't compare him to Bruschi yet. He has to prove that he can play with enough speed and quickness to be an NFL linebacker. He weighs about 275, which is 30 pounds more than Bruschi. I think he will be used in sub defenses where Belichick can creatively take advantage of his versatility.

I'm not sure it's a lost art. I have asked about this in the past and believe that coaches are looking for big plays in the kicking game and kicking the ball out of bounds eliminates the chance to get a turnover. Teams would rather force returners to judge the ball and make a decision to catch it, try to return it, let it bounce or try to catch it, but fumble it. If you kick it out of bounds, you eliminate the chance for human error. It's all about putting pressure on a player to make a good decision and then execute well.

Well basically, the strong safety lines up on the strong side of the formation, which is the side on which the tight end is lined up, while the free safety is on the weak side. Typically, the strong safety is more apt to play down in the box and play the run while a free safety might have more coverage responsibilities.

Thanks for the Troy Brown history lesson. Everybody loves Troy Brown Steve, but even if it's not this year, which I don't expect it to be, it's going to end here for him someday. Troy will produce this season for the Patriots and then be a free agent. At that point, it will be interesting to see if he continues playing, where and for how much. I, for one, hope he retires a Patriot. But if he doesn't, he doesn't. He has been a class act and an example to follow since he arrived here and I expect that he will be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame someday. He'd certainly have my vote.

Brady accomplished a career-first when he tossed an 8-yard TD pass to Gronkowksi to give the Buccaneers a 7-3 lead with 37 seconds left in the first quarter. Brady's nine Super Bowl teams in New England produced just three points total in the first quarter. Gronkowski, who came out of retirement to play with his buddy, caught his 13th and 14th postseason TDs from Brady. That broke the record they shared with Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, who combined for 12.

The connection isn't superficial flash. USM enables gamers to play as both Spider-Man his foe Venom, in a story continued directly frin the comics. The events of the game's story will affect the future of the comics. This alone might make a USM comics fan ecstatic enough to think he has superpowers (you don't), but those who've never read a panel of the books need not worry. Bendis and Treyarch have made certain to fill in the blanks. You can enjoy the well-told story and then return to your normal comics-free life or you might find yourself inspired to pick up the series. Newbie or long-time fans alike can (and likely will) enjoy what USM has to offer.

The system rewards players for fighting like Spidey. Switch targets, bounce off walls, use your webbing to effectively corral your foes and gain a boost to your combo meter. As the descriptive meter moves from "Spectacular" to "Amazing" to "Ultimate" you do more damage to your enemies. Skilled combatants can leap into the fray and take down a half-dozen goons in five seconds. Those who aren't so good will find themselves having to punch, kick and throw enemies for some time before taking them down.

While it's a whole lot of fun leaping from building to building and smashing everything in sight, it's hard not to consider what a deeper combat system might have provided. If only there were more destructible elements in the environment or a hefty move set. If only playing Venom were just a tad more like playing the Big Green in the latest Hulk game. You're Not the Boss of Me As with every free-roaming city game, when you want to start a mission, it's Spidey's duty to swing to the mission marker. The story missions only unlock after meeting certain city patrol requirements. The prerequisites for the entire story mode can easily be fulfilled in an hour or a little more, which should have been padded a tad to help extend the story mode. Once you step into a mission, prepare to be floored. The boss battles are fan-f'ing-tastic.


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