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Best Place To Buy Les Miserables Tickets __LINK__

What is the best place to buy the tickets? It is a bit confusing with all the offerings. There are several sites that try to sound official but official theatre tickets can logically be only one site. Also, when I buy the tickets online do I get an e ticket that I can print out? It wouldn't be practical for me to have it mailed abroad and I wouldn't like to get there and go on a special line just to get a ticket before the performance. Thanks

best place to buy les miserables tickets

The best place to but tickets is at the official TKTS ticket outlet in Leicester Square. If you are approaching Leicester Square via one of the side streets you will pass many small stores selling tickets. Don't buy there. Go all the way into the square and you will see the large building on the south side of the small park. TKTS Leicester Square is the only central Theatreland box office run by the Society of London Theatre. You will see a lineup there but don't worry as it moves quite quickly. Every day they offer discounted tickets for many shows. Les Miserables is still extremenly popular so you might have to pay full price. Well worth it, though.

At time of writing, there's quite a disparity in ticket pricing, as you can see from the listings below. Right now, the best deals are to be had via Ticketmaster where you can get tickets for just 22.

If you're not based in London and don't want to travel to the capital, don't worry! With many shows touring around the UK there are some great deals to be had on theatre all around the UK. If you're based up north we've got a guide to the best theatre shows in Manchester. At the moment, the Six the Musical tour has tickets starting from just 13.

For more on theatre and ticketing head over to our Going Out section, then check out the best West End shows. We also have all the latest theatre releases, like last chance A Streetcar Named Desire tickets. For exciting things to do in the Capital, read our top London experience gifts and best London walking tours guides.

Seating for Les Misérables is best in the Dress Circle and Upper Circle, as the Stalls is drastically affected by the overhang. Pricing reflects the show rather than the views offered in the seating, so it is best to research extensively before booking tickets.

Les Misérables at Cadillac Palace TheatreA timeless tale of redemption, passion, and the dynamic human spirit, this long-running spectacle set in 19th-century France has rightfully earned its many accolades, including Tony Awards for best musical and best original score. Get tickets

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus LIVE! at Broadway PlayhouseInspired by the titular bestselling book, this lighthearted off-Broadway comedy returns to the stage thanks to popular demand. Look forward to a fast-paced show packed with saucy humor and vignettes about romance, marriage, and the facts of life. Get tickets

Chlorine Sky at Steppenwolf Theatre CompanyExperience the world premiere of this poignant coming-of-age story about two best friends who grow apart, adapted from an acclaimed young adult novel. Get tickets 041b061a72


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